Take Action! Campaign to Support USDA WEP

Pledge Your Support for USDA Rural Development Water and Environmental Programs

The USDA Rural Development Water and Environmental Program (USDA WEP) has consistently supported rural communities in completing necessary upgrades to their water and wastewater facilities.

Today’s Congressional policies and funding decisions are jeopardizing communities in rural America.  Budget cuts being discussed in Congress will leave the USDA WEP unable to accomplish its mission to support water and wastewater systems across the nation.  The USDA WEP is instrumental in helping rural America increase economic opportunities, protect public health, maintain affordable water access, and ensure their communities are sustainable.  This will also affect the funding MsRWA receives for its technical service programs.

Rural Development will continue to play a vital role in modernizing, preserving, and protecting rural America’s infrastructure and public health. You can help secure its future today by signing the pledge and writing to your Congressional representatives today.

Please visit https://www.ruralwaterstrong.org/pledge and have your board members, operators, and/or system managers complete the Pledge Form.

Also, please contact your U.S. Congressmen and let them know how important the USDA WEP is to your system.  You can use the example letter at https://msrwa.org/forms/SampleSupportFundingLetter.docx to write to your Congressmen.

Providing adequate support and resources necessary to protect and enhance the environment, public health, sustainability of utilities, and economic vitality of rural America with clean, affordable, and safe water service is a primary responsibility for our federal elected officials.

If you have any questions, or need any assistance, please contact MsRWA at 601-857-2433.