Equipment Exchange Program


Here is a list of the material to be disposed of from the  an old water system.

Pump & motor  – Franklin 7.5 HP Motor
Grunbufos Submersible pump
Submersible pump & motor  176 GPM
Back was Pump & motor -US Electric 25 hp, 230 /460 volts, 3 phase Motor Frame 254 TR
2 ea Service Pump & Motors-  15 HP, 230/460 Volts, 3 phase Motor Frame, 254TP
220 ft 2.5″ X H black pipe
320 ft 3″ sch 80 SS Pipe
Clarifier tank 30,000 gallons

Contact Terry Dees at 662-283-2158

FREE Lab equipment
Hach DR/3 Spectrophotometer – May need new battery
Hach High Range Nitrite/Nitrate color wheels and holder.
Hach Tannin/Lignin as Tannic acid color wheel and holder
Hach Hydrogen Sulfide color wheel and holder –
Millispore UV sterilizer Cat No xx63.700.00 This sterilizer provides rapid, dependable decontamination of 47 mm funnel-type Millipore filter holders between successive sample filtrations. New
Hach Chlorine test kit   Model CN 65  Total titration
Hach Iron Test Kit  Model IR-24
Raven Centrifuge

Contact Michael Switzer at

2006 GENERAC 130kw generator for sale. Excellent condition. $10,000.00 OBO. This generator was our well emergency power, has very little actual load time on it.  Contact Dusty Rhodes at or 601 528 4019 for more info.

Harold Turner is looking for a Brush Truck with a Knuckleboom on it and a directional Boring Rig. If you have any of this equipment please contact Harold at 662-423-8249.

Does your system, city or town have old equipment sitting around taking up space?  If you would like to list it on an equipment exchange, ad for sale or give away list, please send a description of the equipment and cost to MsRWA.  We will put on the website and in the magazine.

If you have any kind of classified ad that needs to be published in our magazine or on our website, email it to

We are here to assist you in any way that we can.

“Systems Helping Systems”

If you want more information on this program, please call us at 601-857-2433.

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