American Rescue Plan Survey and Instructions

To All MsRWA Members:

Most of you have heard about the American Rescue Plan monies coming to Mississippi. Some of this will be going to each county, where the supervisors have the option to use the monies for water and wastewater infrastructure.

In recent days there has been an issue to arise concerning the legality of the counties being able to give these funds to a non-profit water or sewer association. After speaking to the State Auditor-Shad White, the auditor suggests for everyone to contact your supervisors and the supervisors should come up with a needs and cost list for each county.  Once this is done, each county needs to contact the auditor’s office and work together to find a way to provide these funds to the non-profit associations.

Below is a survey to fill out to speed this process up. It is VERY IMPORTANT for this to be filled out.  Please contact your neighboring systems to be sure they are aware of this as well.