2019 Consumer Confidence Report

Dear Community Water Provider:

The Mississippi Rural Water Association will, once again, assist you with your Consumer Confidence Report.

The 2019 report is due by July 1, 2020.

When you have received your information from the Mississippi Department of Health, we will be glad to assist you in completing your report. We will need a copy of all the 2019 or latest test results that show any detect. Please do not send originals of your results, these will not be returned. Also be sure to send a copy of all violations that you need printed in your report. We will need a list of your system deficiencies under the ground water rule. This has to be reported in the CCR.

The processing fee for the report is $80.00 per system ID Number for member systems and $240.00 per system ID Number for non-member systems. If your system is not a member call for membership info today and save $160.00 on the processing of your report. This is for the standard format. If you would like a special format, please give me a call. If you want your report emailed or on a CD, please add $15.00 to processing fee.

Again, this year: MsRWA has a special page on our website to host your CCR, if you don’t have a website and would like to take this route of delivery. As stated in the health department information, you have the option of delivering your CCR electronically. The CCR will have to stay on our website for three years. The cost to host your CCR is $90.00 for the first year, $50.00 for the second year and $25.00 for the third year. So the hosting fee for three years is $165.00. If you would like for MsRWA to host your CCR please order it that way on the payment form. Remember that the health department requires you to keep on website for three years.

Please read the enclosed form carefully, it has changed: fill in ALL spaces on the form, be sure to sign, then return with a copy of your sample test results and payment. Completed reports will be returned to you within 10 – 15 working days from the date we receive all required paperwork. Don’t forget, it is your responsibility to have the report published and send a copy of the report, the certification, and proof of publication to the MSDH by July 1st.

If you need any additional information feel free to contact us at 1-601-857-2433.


Cecilia Garris, CFO/Office Manager, MsRWA

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