Donate Now to MsRWA’s Disaster Relief Fund

Since 2005 disasters have been of such magnitude that MsRWA’s unrivaled expertise in aiding water/wastewater utilities in emergencies has been welcomed.

MsRWA has established a Rural Water Emergency Assistance Cooperative also know as “RWEAC”.  This Cooperative Network is formed of water/wastewater utilities and Associate Members  to provide a coordinated emergency response effort to water/wastewater utilities throughout the state in the wake of a disaster.

We would like to recognize the Utilities and Associate Members that have already donated to the Relief Fund.


Join our recovery assistance efforts by filling out the “RWEAC” Mutual Agreement.  There is no cost to join.

If you would like to make a monetary donation to the RWEAC Disaster Relief Fund, you may do so by clicking on the Pay Online Link or mailing a check to: MsRWA, 5400 North Midway Road, Raymond, MS 39154


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