Dear Water System:

Thank you for your interest in the MsRWA’s Member* Benefit Program for Delinquent Bills. This program will be used to identify delinquent customers all over the state of MS.  This will help eliminate outstanding debts that water/wastewater systems accumulate over time.

The benefits of this program:

  1. Help identify new customers with debts at other water/wastewater systems.
  2. Helps eliminate future outstanding debts.
  3. Helps you collect on outstanding debts on customers who have moved and are receiving service elsewhere.

It’s your right, to collect or refuse service.  See back for Mississippi Code 17-25-13 that states you can refuse to offer them service until they can show proof that debt has been cleared.

Our goal is to help MsRWA’s members collect and identify delinquent customers at affordable rates. The following rates can be charged on a monthly or annual basis:

Member’s with Internet                Member’s without Internet

Per Month     $  35.00                             Per Month      $  50.00

Annually        $300.00                             Annually         $600.00

 See the enclosed “Terms of Service” and the “Billing Information Form”, fill out both, sign and return to get started with this service.  If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 800-343-2520.  Again, thank you for continuing to support MsRWA.  It is a privilege to work with you.